Our mission is to experience the world


We are a professional couple with two children that decided to buy and rent out an apartment in central Glasgow. Our aim is to ensure that family, friends and guests coming to Glasgow will have a a very enjoyable stay in Glasgow and experience of Scotland.
We have holidayed in many cities with our children and have always rented an apartment for these trips. Thus having stayed and experienced so many beautiful and amazing apartments, we felt that we were well positioned to create our own little holiday apartment in our home city.

Having grown up in Glasgow all our lives we know the many treasures that Glasgow and the rest of Scotland holds and has to offer. There are so many brilliant and gorgeous things to appreciate in Glasgow and slightly further afield like the amazing architecture and history in Glasgow and Edinburgh, or the amazing scenery of the Scottish Highland.
Glasgow does not always get the reputation for being a "pretty" (or sunny!) city, but there are definitely some diamonds and gems all around, you just have to know where to look to find them....